Weather at the Ranch

Melissa, TX

The links in the menu take you to displays of the current and historical weather at my QTH. Weather data was supplied by my Heathkit ID-5001 Advanced Weather Computer (yes, I really did build it from a kit!). In 2008, I started using a La Cross WX-2315 weather station. In 2009, I started using the current station, a Davis Vantage Vue. I have a WeatherLink USB datalogger. I was using the WeatherLink software to access the station and then I accessed the WeatherLink tables to update my databases. However, an anomoly in the datalogger would cause the WeatherLink software to get stuck every couple of days when the datalogger would come across certain pages with invalid future entries (probably due to nonvolatile RAM being damaged over time). As of 2/2014, I wrote my own Java application to read the datalogger, throw away the bad entries, and update the SQL database. Once I am sure of the software's operation (and clean up the code, create some documentation), I will make the jar file available here. My weather is fed to the CWOP (NWS citizens weather program) via my Amateur Radio APRS station (AE5PL).

The Java reader software (VantageReader) and the Java IGate (javAPRSSrvr) are currently running on a RaspberryPi (a small, experimental ARM processor board with 2 USB ports and a Ethernet port) running Raspbian Linux. The entire station (weather & APRS) can survive extended (greater than 5 hours) power outages and the VantageReader software will update the server's SQL database when it comes back online.