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Melissa, TX

Welcome to my web site!

I have been an Amateur Radio operator since 1971 (WNØFEW). I upgraded to Advanced in 1972 (WBØFEW) and Extra in 2000 (AE5PL). I operate on HF, VHF, and UHF at home and I operate VHF/UHF when I am mobile.

I am active in APRS® and am the author of javAPRSSrvr, the primary APRS-IS server software. I own and maintain javAPRS, a Java applet for displaying APRS stations from within your browser.

I am active in D-STAR® communications. I am the author of the D-PRS (D-STAR®/APRS®) translation specification. I offer D-PRS support programs, DPRS Interface and javAPRSSrvr. I am the author of DStarMonitor which is used by D-STAR® repeater sysops to record activities on their D-STAR® repeater systems. I am the author of DStarQuery which can be used with DPRS Interface or javAPRSSrvr to give people a generic query capability via the DV low speed data channel. If you want to know how to configure your D-STAR® radio for D-PRS, click here.

With all this digital stuff, I still enjoy the occasional ragchew (you can find me on 160 meters quite often) and working DX (301 DXCC on 20m SSB). I even pound the ol' CW key every once and a while. See you on the air...

Send all QSL cards to:

Pete Loveall AE5PL
3624 County Road 413
Melissa, TX 75454

e-mail to: pete at ae5pl dot net